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Something About Skinny People

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Something About Skinny People

By william at 2011-02-17 02:36:13
The answer to this question is yes, thin and skinny people can and do put on weight. However, you need to know how and then do it.
There are a few reasons why you are thin and skinny. The most probable reason is that you may have your skinny genes inherited from your parents. Look at them, are they thin like you? Even if it is your genetic factor that makes you underweight, you can still do something about it and be successful in putting on extra weight.
Another reason why some stay very thin is because of eating disorders. Eating disorders such as anorexia is a dangerous medical and psychological disorder that must be addressed immediately because this disorder has claimed quite a few young lives.

Of course you already know this, but in order to achieve the physique you desire you will have to both train and eat properly. But what exactly is 'proper' anyway? Every other skinny guy you know will tell you that he's got it figured out and that he'll tell you what's proper. But wait a minute, if he's such an expert then why is he still skinny? I don't know about you, but it just makes sense to me that I need to listen to someone who was once in the situation in which I am now, and who achieved the goal I seek himself. I copy him and job done, right?

Exercises For Skinny People
Despite what most of the magazines say, a workout for skinny people is actually fairly straightforward and doesn't require hours spent in the gym. In fact a workout for skinny people should take you no longer than 45 minutes to an hour, 3 times a week.
A good workout for skinny people also makes use of compound exercises rather than isolation exercises, and focuses on full-body workouts rather than simply specific muscle groups each time you hit the gym.
Studies have shown that skinny people or "hardgainers" respond better to less volume per muscle per workout, but more frequently. Therefore full body workouts 3 times a week is a good muscle building routine. You could also try 4 days a week, with an upper and lower split to see if your body reacts well to this stimulus.
Once you have provided your body with training stimulus and feed your muscles adequate fuel for growth. You have to rest to give them time to recovery and grow. This is where getting 8 hours sleep a night is important. Taking naps during the day also helps and provides a short spike in testosterone.
Hire an experienced personal trainer to help you to build muscle mass if your budget allows. Contrary to popular belief, gaining muscle is not as easy as what most people think, especially more so when you are the naturally thin type.
You can search the internet for bodybuilding e-books by well trusted authors or go to the library to learn more about bodybuilding. Otherwise you will probably not be getting any result and may give up weight training which is a powerful way to put on extra weight.
To find out absolutely everything you need to know about the Skinny People.You can also get a free report on Home Remedies tips.For more details visit our link : Health and Fitness
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